Renault Laguna 1.9 dci

Fevereiro 26, 2008 Vice

Who would say that a piece of trash like this was sold, new, for about 35 thousand Euros in 2002?! It’s true. Although, I have bought it in second hand, for half of the price of a new one, it was an authentic waste of money.

Everybody knows that a car is not an investment, by the contrary, it is money that gets lost, but along the time, we see it just like that. With this trash things are totally different. But I didn't know it, unhappily.

If you have a lot of money to spend and you don’t know how, besides other investments, you can buy a Laguna built in 2002, or in 2001 (because it seems that the poverty is the same) and you will be enabled to release your money in lot’s of new things like turbo units (they crash frequently, by some reason that I just don’t know), in card-readers (Renault lowered their cost price) and in cards (also with near 40% off, because it seems that Renault received too many complaints).

For people who don’t know, this trash uses a ' keycard ' that fits in a reader in way to unlock all the functions of the vehicle. All this is very beautiful, but only when it works.

I acquired this piece of trash with about 94 thousand kilometres in a stand that also sells real automobiles in the district of Beja (Portugal). Its presentation was excellent, anything to point it.

Although the maintenance book of this trash says to change the distribution belt only at 120 thousand kilometres, in the concessionaire I was advised to do it earlier, and I don’t know why! This action took me to think that many problems had happened… I’m just thinking…

However, before ordering such maintenance, I decided to contact Anvicar - Lisbon - (this car has got all the maintenance made until 90.000Kms in this Renault agent) in way to know if, eventually, the same would have been made there. They said me that they didn’t do it, but I got the information that they substituted the clutch ant the turbo unit at the 61 thousand kilometres!!

Near the 100 thousand kilometres, at Multiauto shop in Beja, the distribution belt was substituted…

About 12 months after I have bought it, the card-reader was damaged. This means that the doors sensors were disabled and the start button, which works with just a click, now needs to be pressed until engine starts… The tuner, which supposedly works with the card half inserted, doesn’t works either, and I don’t know if something more is broken or if it’s coming to.

A month later, it arrived the time of the keycard, that allows the doors to be opened and closed automatically, to become damaged to.

Near of the end of 2007 I moved to another city, so I went to Renault near my address and I ask them to make a check-up. They had confirmed the damages in the card-reader and in the keycard. And because this was not enough to motor malfunction (and it’s price was near 400 Euros for the card-reader and 250 Euros for the keycard) I decided not to spend the money in that moment.

At 120 thousand kilometres I ordered the official maintenance, following the ones that had been made in Anvicar, to keep the book of maintenance up-to-date, always by Renault.

'What stupidity! As if it had some meaning. Besides spending much more money than in any another good automobile shop, there is nothing else to say.'

By the way, I agree with an inquiry made by a well knowned Portuguese magazine, and I actually confirmed that we can always hear more and more of the engine noise inside the cockpit. I don't know if it comes from the engine vibrations or if the firewall used is just loosing quality…I just don’t know…and I don’t care with the incoherent excuses that Renault could give me. The engine and cockpit noise are there and seems that can’t be stopped.

So, this trash can, that should be a car (35 thousand Euros in new, remember?), it costs almost as much as a good Mercedes, Audi or BMW, as you can easily see.

Near the 140 thousand kilometres, besides the misfortunes behind mentioned, the ‘rascal’ decides to give me a gift… another damaged turbo! I went, once more, to Renault asking for a diagnostic which comes positive: The car needs a new turbo unit.

Because I’m not a ‘Carlos Sainz’ or ‘Raikonnen’ driver, or else, I can’t understand how a turbo can be broke so many times and in so few years! The car still doesn’t even have 6 years old!! I can not accept that someone tried to convince me that this is a normal thing to happen. But when someone spends so much money (thinking that is buying a good product) was supposed to have worse than a banal car? And, like my trash, the damaged goods are very expensive, so, what benefits have we in spending money buying a Renault Laguna?

So, I fell that I have just two options:

- Spend money with this trash can (which seems to me it that just doesn’t deserve) or,
- Put it on the trash (probably from where it came), option that I should have taken before buy it.

Meantime I decided to speak with some well-known people linked to the automobile mechanic, and on the other hand, make some researches in the internet. Just to see if someone has eventual problems, mainly related with the turbo unit in the Renault Laguna from 2002. You can see the links that I placed at the end of this page. The general opinion is similar as the one formed by the mechanical people I contacted.

I think that this situation is due to a production mistake, and I don’t know if this comes from an element that damages the turbo unit or if from itself. What I know is that the blame should be assumed by Renault, the same manufacturer who has publicity in Portuguese TV saying ' we build automobiles ' (which is not true), instead of accusing the car seller’s!

And, for that reason, I contacted Renault Portugal by letter, I exposed the situation and I received the answer you can see by clicking here (the original is in Portuguese). To see only the text, in English, please click here.

From that letter, my conclusion was that Renault assumes that when the warranty period expires, the thing that should be a car loses that meaning and becomes a banality. Or, just because I bought it used, the same simply just doesn't have any value. As you see, it’s Renault…

It seems that some rumours saying that Renault assumes, whole or partially, the costs of the repair of this models (manufactured in 2001 and 2002 and other versions previous to 2003 which have less than 150 thousand kilometres), have no bases, as we can see from Renault’s letter.

Great Renault! And they call themselves “automobile builders”! A shame, I say.

Attention to anyone who’s thinking to acquire this kind of ‘cars’ in second hand, be careful, they don't have any value! Renault doesn’t assume any responsibility if their warranty expires or if they are bough as used cars!

This is a sad history that I have to tolerate, for a while, foolish I was when I believed in a car manufacturer that also builds 'cancers' but doesn't assume them.

Because I still have this trash can, and because I like to have all my things in good conditions, I treat it like a good car, as you can see in these photos.

I must advise all the people who have a lot of money and a monotonous life, to buy a ‘trash can’ like mine. And, on the contrary, for those who don’t have lots to spend, you should buy a real car and you will get rid of constant and repeated problems.

Finally, to Renault ‘car’ builders, I have to say that building and selling goods it’s easy, but conquer one’s honesty it’s really hard and is not for all. You should assume the responsibility of what you do: a thing that I believe it’s no more in your vocabulary or actions. It is shameful the position you are taking face to me and all the others harmed by you, that are easily found in the internet.