Take care with eBay shop

February 5, 2008 Vice

This time I was frauded.

Its life, you can say. However I never would assume that buying on a shop like eBay, could expose me to a fraud!

I took attention to the Standard Purchase Protection Programme from eBay before bidding. I feel the sensation that buying there its perfectly safe. Its a tremendous lie. The presumption program its a nonsense.

In few words the history could be told. I kept all the mails but I will not put them here because they would only cause confusion and aren’t essential for my purpose. However I should say you that I forwarded them all to eBay’s email but no reply was given me.

The history

2005 November 19, at 14:14. I put a bid on an item, precisely a motorized tft with TV Tuner for car.

2005 November 19, at 14:15. I received a congratulations mail from eBay saying I won the item so I must pay it.

Because I have also bid on a similar item, which I would come to win, I decided to make the payment of both in one time looking for a lowest postage.

2005 November 20, at 15:07. A similar mail arrived from eBay. Shortly I sent a mail to the selling requesting the total to pay.

Payment was done on 2005 November 23 by bank transfer.

2005 November 26. eBay sent me two mails saying that my bids had been cancelled because it seems that the seller's account has been compromised. I told them that payment have just been done and I asked them what to do. eBay told me that I must open the disputes console and try a dialog with the seller. It was just a loss of time and many mails received and sent to get nothing.

After that I remembered them that they have a protection program. They ask me for some documents and I sent them all.

2006 June 14. Mail received from eBay saying that if reason was given me, they will return the max amount of £105 for each item.

I wait, and wait... 2006 was gone, 2007 almost past but, in Christmas day I decided to give them a gift. I sent all the mails I have and, you know, I wish them Merry Christmas.

Now, we are in 2008 and assume that eBay honesty its proven. No more mail was come. Nothing at all.

This is my eBay bad history. Could be worst, I know, but the fact is that I’m talking about shopping in the net, in a store that is world-wide known, and look what could happens!

I wrote this just to alert you about the dangerous that could be shopping in the net, even you know the name of the store.

Wish you all good luck for your purchases.